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Excerpt from my April 2018 newsletter

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Garden News

After the mini heatwave of 24°c last week the garden has burst into life. Thousands of tiny tadpoles have squirmed their way out of the spawn, the pear and cherry tree have blossomed and tulips, forget-me-nots and snake's head fritillaries all seemed to flower on the same day. I even tried working with the studio door open but after the third huge, furious queen bee came buzzing in looking for a suitable place to set up home, I changed my mind!
Pete also set up this (I'm calling it the salad bar) at the weekend. All our lettuce, rocket, watercress, chives and spring onions on an old door near the kitchen and out of reach of greedy chickens. It's also less sunny at this end of the garden so the lettuce will be less likely to bolt and last longer. It's one of those things, once you've done it you wonder why you didn't do it before as it's definitely encouraged me to use them. I can pretend I'm "going to market" on masterchef. We even had a completely homegrown tea this week using the hens' eggs to make omelette with garlic chives and thyme with a leafy salad.


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