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Floral Wall Art

Posted by lindsay atkinson on

If you follow my social media accounts you've probably noticed I've had the watercolours out a lot more this year and have painted quite a few flowers as well as birds. This started with the sweet pea comission and as I've been trying to paint daily they were something I always had to hand in the garden so a natural subject matter. I'm starting to explore how to use the body of work I've built up and one of my ideas is a monthly floral wall art subscription gift. Each month you (or the gift recipient) would receive a seasonal floral piece of wall art and possibly a matching greetings card. I intially thought they'd work best on the rectangular tiles but as there'd be 12 tiles in total I'm not sure if that would work as a display so am wondering about using the round plates, or a combination of the two? Let me know what you think or if you have another product idea for them?


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