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New packaging

Posted by lindsay atkinson on

New packaging:

At the beginning of September I had an exciting delivery of custom tissue paper I designed with my littlebirdy logo and dandelion seed pod to use when packaging my online orders. When I first began littlebirdy designs all my orders were lovingly wrapped with white tissue and sealed with stickers and twine. Then as order volume increased, I was constantly looking for ways to simplify and speed up the process and consequently packing orders became my least favourite part of the day. The last couple of years have been all about slowly transitioning my business back to doing the things I love and remembering the reasons why. My product range has been condensed and I've been more careful about the volume of orders so I can invest as much care into the packaging side as I could in the beginning. I don't want to compete with big retailers but really reward my customers for shopping small!
Next I'm going to work on some postcards explaining more about my brand so if you're giving your purchase as a gift, the person will know where it has come from. The tissue is eco friendly and I already use biodegradable bubble wrap (although I'm looking for ways to reduce the amount) and recyclable boxes. I'd love to hear what is important to you in terms of packaging when buying from a small business?  


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